Employees, of IZ Technologies receive comprehensive benefits. The following summarizes all of the benefits provided to full-time employees.

Vacation Leave

Vacation leave is accrued each pay period in accordance with the following schedule:

Length of Service Rate of Accrual

Less than 4 years  - 80 hours per year (3.333 hrs per pay period)

4 years, but less than 7 - 120 hours per year (5.0 hrs per pay period)

7 years or more - 160 hours per year (6.667 hrs per pay period)

Family Medical Leave

Employees who qualify for family and medical leave may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12 month period measured forward from the date an employee's first FMLA leave begins. In compliance with the provisions of Federal and State law.

Military Leave of Absence

A military leave of absence is granted to all employees, except temporary and casual employees, who are called to military service, by the Selective Service, the Armed Forces Reserve, or the National Guard.


Holiday pay is provided to full-time regular employees subject to provisions of Company policy. To be eligible for holiday pay, an employee must be employed the day before and the day after the holiday.    

Holidays observed are as follows:

•New Year's Day - January

•Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday - January

•President's Day - February

•Memorial Day - May

•Independence Day - July

•Labor Day - September

•Columbus Day - October

•Veteran's Day - November (or with permission, the day after Thanksgiving)

•Thanksgiving Day - November

•Christmas Day - December

Life INSURANCE, Long/Short Term Disability Insurance

IZ Technologies offers an employer paid Life, Long/Short Term Disability insurance through Unum.


The IZ Technologies 401(k) Retirement Plan through Fidelity Investments is designed to allow employees to prepare for future financial needs. This plan makes it easy for an employee to save regularly through tax-deferred payroll deductions. The employee may contribute between 1% and 90% of their eligible pay on a pretax basis, up to the annual IRS dollar limit.  The company will match in an amount equal to 50% of your deferral contributions up to 6% of you eligible compensation.  The decision to participate and the amount contributed are voluntary.

For additional information, contact the Office of Human Resources, 703-444-3030 x609.

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