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Past and Present Contracts and Customers

Resolute Support Command by providing subject matter expertise to support US objectives and operations that interface with and rely upon the Afghanistan public and private sector Information Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.  IZ Technologies is supporting GIRoA ICT strategy, policy and activities, to the extent possible, USFOR-A plans and operations in Afghanistan and the region. This is achieved by embedding senior level, experienced personnel with ICT advisory, governance, policy, spectrum management, analytical and program management skills within the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).  IZT holds a business license with the Government of Afghanistan.

Commander Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT), Fleet Combat Camera Pacific (FCCP) and Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) support providing all services required for the daily operation and management of Photographic/Imaging Equipment Screening Pool. Services include providing customer service, receiving, storage, inventory, distribution and redistribution, stock replenishment, service maintenance and repair of photographic equipment.

DISA support to the USG and the Afghani Government by providing senior level commercial ICT expertise required to plan, design, implement, manage, liaison and provide regulatory understandings and spectrum management in order to assist in meeting the USFOR-A objective of accelerating reconstruction and stability operations in Afghanistan.

USCENTCOM Provide design, engineering, procurement, installation, test, end-user training, and technical service support of C2 and C4ISR systems to include furnishings for new installations and technical refresh of current equipment.

ISAF-Afghanistan/USMC support of TF Leatherneck Provide direct technical support to USMC tactical networks within the TF area of responsibilities.

Florida Department of Transportation - District 7 Command Center Expansion Project Engineer, design, and install required displays to meet FDOT’s requirements for access to additional visual information.

Reconfigure SOF War Game Center (USSOCOM) Reconfigured to host conferences that use a 20’ by 32’, horizontal map as the center piece.  Design, install, and test projection and display systems; lighting, audio and camera systems for Video Teleconference (VTC) and conferences.

Iraq Ministry of the Interior (MoI) Create Oracle-based HR and Payroll Systems for the Iraqi MoI.  This system provided Full Personnel Life-cycle Human Resources, from Workforce Planning through retirement, including Payroll covering the entire workforce of the MoI for which the payroll total was approximately 650,000 employees.

BTA - Information & Communications Technology Supporting the Iraq Task Force for Business and Stability Operations. Providing ICT engineering and support, Telecomm policy, and Enterprise architecture Engineering.

US Forces-Iraq (USF-I) J6 Support U.S. reconstruction efforts in Iraq to improve communication infrastructure. Provided GIS solutions and expert research and analysis.

Joint Contract Command – Iraq (JCC-I/A) Assist client to design clear strategies that address business and infrastructure challenges.

DISA support to the USG and the Iraqi Government in telecommunication regulation, and the efforts to fully transfer management and control over broadcast spectrum/frequencies in Iraq to the Government of Iraq (GoI) and to advance broader telecommunications reform.

Past and Present Contracts

SEAPORT NxG, N00178-18-R-7000, Prime 2018

ENCORE III, Contract HC1028-18-D-0011, Sub 2018

VETS, Contract, Sub 2018

RS3, Contract W15P7T-15-R-0008 , Sub 2017

Afghan Telecom In Country Support, Resolute Support, Contract W91B4N-15-C-5001 Prime 2015

Air Force Civil Engineering IT Support, #R23G, Contract ISG-000037 Sub 2014

Commander Pacific Fleet, Fleet Combat Camera Pacific (FCCP) and Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Contract N00178-07-D-5118 Prime 2013

Afghanistan Telecommunication Advisory Team (ATAT) In-Country Support, DISA/CONTRACTS-NCR Contract HC1047-13-T-0010 Prime 2013

Reconfigure SOF War Game Center, HQ USSOCOM SORDAC-K Contract H92222-13-R-0007 Prime 2012

SPAWAR Atlantic N00178-07-D-5118 Prime 2012

SPAWAR EC2ATS HC1028-08-D-2025-V701 (Sub-Contractor) 2012

Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 2 (ITES-2) Program, W91QUZ-07-D-OOOl (Sub-Contractor) 2011

CECOM R2-3G - Rapid Response Program, Army (Sub-Contractor) 2011


SPAWAR EC2ATS N65236-07-D-6868 (Sub-Contractor) 2010

FBI Triple S J-FBI-11-047 (Sub-contractor) 2010

US Army AMC/PEO-EIS/PM-NSC SWA BPA W52P1J09A0023 Prime 2009

Army Battle Command W15P7T-09-D-2006 (Sub-Contractor) 2008

ENCORE II, Army HC 1028-08-D-2006 (Sub-Contractor)

CECOM R2 - Rapid Response Program, Army DAAB07-03-B013 (Sub-Contractor) 2008

Seaport E N00178-07-D-5118 Prime 2007 (Contract Information)

ISE Support Iraq, JCCI/A Contract #HC1047-09-C-4024 Prime 2006

Member of the Crestron Government Support Services Program


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